11 food items which are banned in Dubai school canteens

The past two decades have witnessed a significant change in the dietary habits of people living in Dubai. There has been a shift from a traditional diet that is healthier and well balanced to a diet that has poor nutritional qualities.

With regards to children, recent surveys have indicated that more than one-third of school children are either overweight or obese.

Here’s a list of food items prohibited in Dubai’s school canteens (as per the 2011 guidelines):

. All kinds of soft drinks

. Energy drinks

. All types of fruit drinks

. Milk and yogurt with synthetic flavors

. All types of chewing gum and candies

. Bofak (special type of Chips)

. Sweets composed of excessive sugar and colorants

. Plain chocolate

. Food items containing monosodium glutamate (found naturally in tomatoes, cheese, and other foods.
MSG is used in the food industry as a flavor enhancer)

. High-fat food

. Chips


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