11 people died due to rain-related incidents in Karachi

KARACHI: At least 11 people have lost their lives in rain-related incidents in two days as showers lashed Karachi second consecutive day.

Where the first pre-monsoon rain turned the weather pleasant and brought down the temperature in Karachi it also added to the miseries of the city.

Many parts of the city experienced power outages as feeders tripped due to the rain while roads flooded with rain water that caused traffic congestion on the city’s busiest artery.

Four men electrocuted on Wednesday after they came into contact with snapped electric wires in different parts of the metropolis, including a 16-year-old Gul Nawaz was electrocuted while passing through a street in Docks Colony, 18-year-old Babar Ali Dino was electrocuted in Chakiwara and a youth named Daniyal was electrocuted in Orangi, and a man came in to contact with snapped cable in Shah Faisal Colony No 5, According to rescue workers.

Separately, an eight-year-old boy fell unconscious when he suffered an electric shock in Paposh Nagar.

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