27 kilograms of fake gold jewellery have been seized from Abu Dhabi shops

Twenty-seven kilograms of fake gold jewelry have been seized from shops in the capital.

The Abu Dhabi Police on Tuesday said they seized the counterfeit jewelry from 26 gold shops, with 11 of the outlets belonging to one person.

All the outlets were involved in the commercial fraud, according to police.

Cops said the bogus jewelry bore international trademarks and were being promoted in the market.

“We confiscated the gold jewelry from the shops during the inspection campaigns in the field,” said Brigadier General, Dr. Rashid Mohammed Brushed, Director of CID at Abu Dhabi Police.

“Investigations revealed that some outlets were hiding the fake gold jewelry in secret places behind wooden shelves. The shops were promoting the fake items adorned with fake trademarks of reputable international brands.”

The officer said that the force received information from an agent of a popular international brand complaining about the commercial fraud which affected their business.

A team tasked with investigating the matter raided the shops after confirming that the outlets dealt in fake gold jewelry.

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