30 smugglers arrested over attempted to smuggle 472 kg hashish

JEDDAH: Border guards in Jazan and Najran have foiled an attempt to smuggle 472.55 kilograms of Hashish and 855 amphetamine pills (Captagon) into Saudi Arabia.

Spokesman Col. Saher bin Mohammed Al-Harbi revealed that in the past two weeks, guards in Jazan and Najran have foiled several attempts to smuggle large quantities of hashish and Captagon into the Kingdom. Several people were caught trying to smuggle illegal drugs into Saudi territory from Yemen.

He added that the guards arrested 10 Ethiopians, 19 Yemenis and one Saudi national. All procedures were taken in cooperation with other security agencies.

Al-Harbi said Saudi border guards will stand resolutely against any attempt to smuggle illegal drugs into the Kingdom and will protect against all attempts to undermine the security and stability of the Kingdom.

Attempt to Smuggle 10,000 Captagon pills foiled at Riyadh airport
Customs at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh foiled two attempts to smuggle 10,832 Captagon pills in separate operations.

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