5 Free Tools For Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

When it comes to using business tools the smaller companies are not always well off to use expensive services provided by large companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers are always struggling to save money while completing their tasks professionally.

Today, we will discuss 5 critical business tools that can be used for free in order to get your business operations running,

Free Wix Website

Wix is an online tool that lets you make your online business presence free of cost and if you require more functionalities with the little cost you can have a stunning website running online for free.

having a business website is always a good idea and you look more professional in many ways, you can have a great impact on your customers and stakeholders with this.

Wave for Accounting

Accounting is an important business function for all size of businesses, most of the accounting software available on the market are not free and sometimes a subscription-based. With Wave you will be able to do a simple accounting on your system free of cost however, you might need to pay a little extra for more features.

Free Video Conferencing

join.me is a free solution for video conferencing, you can talk to your colleagues, clients, employees, and others quite easily. There are some limitations for the tool but as long as you are able to use it for free you don’t need to spend an extra penny.

Online Invoice Generator

Well if your business has started running and collecting payments, its always necessary to have a good business invoice generated for your clients for free. There are many online tools available for invoice generation but invoice generator is something quite handy. it allows you to add your business logo and select the color scheme of your invoice which matches your website color scheme as well as your logo color scheme. You look more professional this way, you can download invoices and then send your clients via email or simply send the invoice directly from the website to your desired client, it is that easy and professional.

Email Marketing via Mailchimp

Email marketing is a crucial business function to stay connected with your customers and offer them more products and services, MailChimp offers 12000 emails for free up to 2000 subscribers which is very useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Secondly, MailChimp offers smooth, professional and great business email solutions.

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