50 Pakistani male and female students to get education in Greece

Around 50 Pakistani students including male and females will get education form the American University’s campus in Athens, Greece in the field of Engineering.

An agreement signed by Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) and the American University of Athens, The Pakistani students will leave for Greece under the agreement.

According to the agreement, 50 Pakistani students will go to Greece annually for education at the graduation and master level from the American University Athens.

A spokesperson for the Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) has said on Wednesday that it would be a very great opportunity for the students of Pakistan to get educated from one of the best universities in the world.

For the final semesters, students will move to the America to complete the study, and they will be issued degrees from there (United States), he added.

The agreement between Pakistan and Greece was signed by the President of America University of Athens and Chairman Pakistan Testing Service (PTS).

American University of Athens’ delegation would visit Pakistan to review the arrangements by the Pakistan Testing Service (PTS).

The Pakistan Testing Service (PTS) has also signed another agreement for the same number of students with the American University of Ankara, which would be formally publicly advertised soon, the spokesperson said.

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