61 fake Hajj offices closed, 224,074 arrested for violating Saudi regulations

RIYADH: Addressing a press conference in Mina, Maj. Gen. Jamaan Al-Ghamdi, assistant commander of Hajj security forces said that since the beginning of the Hajj season, 61 unauthorized offices have been closed, and 10,533 Saudi citizens and 213,541 expatriates have been detained for violating Hajj regulations.

He further said that the number of vehicles entering and leaving Makkah till Sunday reached 340,929 cars, while the number of vehicles coming through the Kingdom’s borders reached 1,333 buses, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.
Maj. Gen. Zaid Al-Tuwayyan, the assistant commander of Hajj security force

s for road security, said: “The Hajj-related proceeding are smooth as no traffic accidents have been reported.” He maintained that all roads leading to Makkah are under strict control to monitor the movement and track potential violators of Hajj regulations.

All involved in the road security command are alert and ready to provide the highest security on highways leading to Makkah, and assist those injured in accidents should they need to be rushed to medical centers via aerial or land ambulances, he said.

Joining them in the briefing on Hajj preparations, Maj. Gen. Said bin Salim Al-Qarni, the commander of the police mission in the Makkah region, explained the police plan from the arrival of the pilgrims till departure to their respective countries.

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