7 Crocodiles Escape from a Farmhouse in Steel Town Karachi

According to ARY News, seven crocodiles escaped from a farmhouse in steel town Karachi on Friday.

Up till now, the police have succeeded in capturing 5 crocs with the help of the wildlife department authority. But still, 2 have not been found.

As soon as the incident took place the farmhouse management immediately called the police and other concerned government departments for help in order to trace back the escaped Crocodiles.

The management of the farmhouse told the police that all the Crocodiles were present before the rain occurred. A wall collapsed during rainfall in the morning which helped the crocs in escaping the farm.

The police say that two Crocodiles are still been untraced as there is rainwater standing in different areas.

The search is still going on.

There are no reported complaints regarding any injury by the Crocodiles.
Such dangerous animals are kept at privately owned farms or zoos in Karachi.

Mostly owners fail to get permission to keep such animals by the government department.

There is an ancient crocodile shrine in the port city—Mangho Pir—famous for its crocodile population.

Mangho Pir is like home for over 100 of crocodiles that sway among the devotees in a swampy green pond where they have been living from generations.

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