A man gets 67 credit cards by using forged documents

A bank employee has been charged by the Sharjah Criminal Court with forging documents to fraudulently obtain 67 credit cards in the names of bank customers, within a span of six months.
The Indian, who had been working in a Sharjah-based bank for a year-and-a-half, was confronted by the presiding judge for the large-scale forgery.

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He procured the credit cards through the bank electronic system after submitting forged passports, ID cards, and other documents. He also forged signatures of clients to get the cards issued in their name and siphon off the money.

During the court hearing, the accused – who is in his thirties – pleaded not guilty.

A bank official testified that the employee had been managing one of the counters at the office. She added that as part of his job, he met customers and received their documents. The accused could enter the documents in the system and issue credit cards. She said that at the time of the crime, she was a trainee at the bank.

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