A Pakistani politician sits in garbage dump to ask for votes in elections 2018

In a bid to strike a chord with the people of Pakistan, a politician adopted a bizarre way to attract attention before general elections which will be held on July 25.

Ayaz Memon Motiwala from Karachi decided to sit in garbage dumps and lay in sewage water. The politician, who according to Dawn, is an independent candidate from Karachi, posted on Facebook pictures of himself sitting on a pile of garbage, lying down in sewage water and inside a pothole. Moreover, he also drank the sewage water he was sitting on, in a Facebook Live video as part of his strange campaign, according to NDTV reports.

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Motiwala’s pictures are garnering attention online and have already collected over 1,800 likes and hundreds of comments they were posted on Thursday. The pictures also gained mixed reactions but the politician stood by his unique way of campaigning and said his idea was to draw attention to the unhygienic conditions and faulty sewage systems of the city.

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