A senior Chinese politician has been sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery

A former senior Communist Party official who was once tipped to become the future president of China has been sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery on Tuesday.

The First Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin convicted Sun Zhengcai of taking more than 170 million yuan ($27m) in bribes, directly or through third parties.

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Sun had previously pleaded guilty to accepting bribes at his trial on 12 April.

During the trial, Sun said he would not appeal the sentence.

Sun and his alleged associates were accused of accepting money and assets in return for helping unspecified organizations and individuals with business operations and other matters, the court said.

The crimes were committed while he was a district Communist Party leader in Beijing in 2002 when he was the state minister of agriculture, and during his period as party chief, the court said.

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