A special flight reached China to bring stranded Pakistanis back to the country

LAHORE (PAK TIMES): A special flight of Shaheen Air International flight number NL-892 on Monday has reached China from Lahore to bring the Pakistani stranded in Guangzhou, a city in China.

As many as 324 passengers had to reach Pakistan on July 29 through the flight of Shaheen Air International.

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After a dispute between the airline and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the flight of the airline was delayed and the passengers were left stranded in the Chinese city.

The Civil Aviation Authority had suspended all flight operations of the airline after it fails to pay the amount arrears of almost 1.5 billion.

However, the Civil Aviation Authority has now given the permission to a special flight of the Shaheen Air International to bring the stranded Pakistanis back to the country from China.

The Foreign Office spokesperson said that no one has been barred from traveling back to Pakistan, however, the special flight of Shaheed Air International will take off in a while. The staff members are present at the Chines airport to guide the stranded passengers.

The special flight will reach Lahore in the evening today (Monday), he added.

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