A study reveals that chocolate is better than cough syrup

Here is a good news for chocolate lovers. If you ever feel that you need to take cough syrup, just take a piece of chocolate put it in your mouth and you will get all the effects of cough syrup without any side-effects.

Scientists from Imperial College London previously found that a compound in cocoa was better at suppressing a cough than standard medicine.

Prof Morice said that a new chocolate medicine, Unicough, has been shown to reduce cough frequency and sleep disruption within 48 hours.

A study of 163 people revealed that the patients taking the chocolate-based medicine saw significant improvements in just two days.

Although, he did add that chugging down a mug of your favourite hot chocolate won’t have the same effect on your cough as an actual bar of chocolate — so, if in doubt, grab the big bar.

Even with this research, and as great as it all sounds, it’s probably best to check with your GP if home remedies of bars of chocolate don’t work.

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