A woman travelled from England to India on her husband’s passport

In a shocking incident of airport security lapse, an Indian woman was able to fly from Manchester to India on her husband’s passport.

Geeta Modha, 55, owner of a bridal boutique in Rusholme, England, was flying to India on a business trip when she accidentally picked up her husband Dilip’s passport in a hurry.

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However, she did not realize the error until she reached Delhi airport and started filling an immigration form. Surprisingly, Modha was able to check-in and clear her boarding without any hassle and flew 4,200 miles (6,800 km approximately) to India. Moreover, Modha had a stop-over in Dubai before she flew to India and the need to show her passport did not arise as she has an Overseas Citizenship of India card.

Modha, from Heaton Moor, Stockport, was quoted as saying in MSN News, “It’s scary and worrying that people aren’t checking properly. The fact that they say they are so strict on security in airports but you can do this in 2018 is terrible.”

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