Afshan Ahmed opens up on her early singing career

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March 26, 2024

Veteran singer of Pakistan Afshan Ahmed revealed the young age at which she started her singing career, with her mother’s support.

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Celebrated singer of Pakistan, Afshan Ahmed, who started her singing career in the 1970s and is known for her radio and television songs, was seated for a heart-to-heart tell-all with host Nida Yasir, on ARY Digital’s Ramadan special transmission ‘Shan e Suhoor’.

Ahmed detailed her early singing career at the young age of 3, given support from her mother, who herself was a singer at All India Radio before her family migrated to Pakistan in 1965.

“My father, who worked for Pakistan State Oils, was very liberal and open-minded. He always encouraged all his three kids, me and both my elder brothers to follow our aspirations, along with our studies. We had to make sure that our grades didn’t drop or else no other activity would be allowed,” the singer recalled.

“So we did play a lot of sports as well, and all three of us siblings can sing well, we can play different instruments, but my brothers didn’t pursue it as a profession,” she added.

The veteran disclosed that before starting a children’s program on PTV, she used to do a radio show on Sundays, which was the only day in the week, she was allowed to, from her studies.

“So when I got a chance to choose from TV or radio, as a child, I had that fascination to see myself on screen, so I went that way,” Ahmed concluded.

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