Another US diplomat runs over motorcyclists in Islamabad

A US embassy vehicle driven by a diplomat on Monday hit and injured two motorcyclists in Islamabad, the second such accident in three weeks involving an American official.

The capital city’s police identified the diplomat as second secretary Chad Rex Ausburn, saying he was instantly detained along with his vehicle and that an investigation into the incident was underway.

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But police officials expected Ausburn to be released after recording his statement. He was still detained awaiting confirmation of diplomatic immunity.

The police report said that the US diplomat, Chad Rex Ausburn, was driving a Toyota Jeep on the Constitution Avenue at Secretariat Chowk, Islamabad when he struck two motorcyclists, who were shifted to the hospital immediately.

The motorcyclist and another person on the bike received multiple injuries, but doctors at a city hospital said their condition was stable. Police would not say whether Ausburn was to be blamed for the accident.

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