Arab man arrested over trying to smuggle expired stickers of cosmetics

The Ras Al Khaimah Customs has foiled an attempt of an Arab passenger to smuggle many stickers for expired cosmetics at the emirate’s international airport.
The suspect admitted that he was planning to put the new stickers on expired items, including a product stored in wooden drawers in a shop.

Dr. Mohammed Al Mehrizi, director general of the RAK Customs, said that the officers got suspicious as the passenger looked anxious.

“The passenger’s baggage was thoroughly searched until the manipulated stickers were found in his possession.”

When asked about the stickers, the passenger admitted that he was planning to use them with expired cosmetics he had stored, he added.
“The suspect was referred to the security and customs risks department which alerted the public health and environment department in the Ras Al Khaimah municipality.”
The municipal inspectors launched an inspection and raid against the warehouse, Dr. Mehrizi said.

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