Arabic Woman gave DUZZ of $80,000 to her Husband

You must have heard about how a person became millionaire in months or something similar like how someone became rich after winning a jackpot in casino. But you may not have heard how a person lost 80,000 Dollars in just few minutes.
This is a revenge story about an Arabic couple, the guy was interested in another woman and wanted to marry her. His wife took it to the heart and freaked out in rage.
She put economic sanctions on the flourishing economy and wanted to sabotage the bilateral relationships between the two getting closer inherently strategic allies.
She drove his car out on the roads and violate traffic rules repeatedly, which gave the tickets to car owner worth of SR, 300,000 equivalent to 80,000 Dollars.

Gulf News reported.


Saudi woman revenges husband by racking up car… by paktimespk

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