Asif Zardari called Imran Khan as ‘Maafi Niazi’ after submitted apology to ECP

Addressing party workers in Lahore, former president Asif Zardari labeled Imran Khan as ‘Maafi Niazi’ after Imran Khan submitted a written apology to the ECP commission for contemptuous remarks he made at a press conference in Karachi in September.

Earlier, Imran Khan had already submitted an apology letter to the same bench for his contemptuous remarks of January.

PPP Co-Chairman remarked that all the PTI’s chairman can do is criticise people but when he is confronted, he takes the easy way out and does not stick to his words.

In his severe criticism of PTI’ Chairman, Zardari ambiguously referred to his father’s corruption charges, asking why Imran Khan avoids using his father s name. “Imran Khan has no financial sources, his whole family relies on Shaukat Khanam’s charity funds,” added former president Zardari.

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