An associate professor of Karachi University has been picked up by LEAs

Karachi: An associate professor of the Karachi University, Dr. Muhammad Ismail has been disappeared for the last 18 days, Express News reported.

University’s department of Islamic Studies, Dr. Muhammad Ismail has been picked up by the law-enforcement agencies (LEA), claims his wife Amna Ismail.

“Some officials of law-enforcement came to our house in the early morning of September 15,” she told while talking with reporters.

She added, “They took my husband with them. And, only allowed him to take his National identity card with him.”

Amna Said, “I told the University’s administration about the disappearance of my husband by law-enforcement officials but the officials were reluctant to take up the case.”

She wrote a letter to the vice-chancellor of the university as well as to the dean of the Islamic Studies’ department and still waiting for the response.

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