Bear killed 18-year-old boy in Kaghan

An 18-year-old boy Muhammad Yousuf was mauled and killed by a bear while coming back home with his herd of goats and sheep from the jungle of Kund Bangla. According to village people, Muhammad Yousuf Noor while returning home in the evening with a herd of goats was attacked by a wild bear.

The nearby people rushed towards the spot after hearing the growls of the bear and the cries of the boy and witnessed the boy being thrown into a ravine.

Noor died on the spot. Bear encounters are not common in the area whereas leopard and wolfs attack has been witnessed in the past. The residents of Kund Salbori were unclear that what prompted the bear to attack.
In May 2016, a man was wounded in a bear attack in Mahandri Bachla village in Mansehra.

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