“Better late than never,” Sarfaraz speaks on Amir, Imad’s international comeback

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March 30, 2024

Former Pakistan cricket captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has expressed his thoughts on all-rounder Imad Wasim and pacer Mohammad Amir’s decision to take back their retirement ahead of the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2024 in the USA and West Indies.

In a recent interview on a local TV channel, Sarfaraz emphasized that both players bring valuable experience and skills to the team, which could prove crucial in a high-stakes tournament like the T20 World Cup.

“Look, they have been really close friends of mine and very good teammates. I always told Amir that you should play cricket for Pakistan,” said Sarfaraz.

“I think it’s better late than never and they came at the right time as Pakistan needs them. So, I hope that their return would surely benefit the Pakistan team,” he added.

The former captain also emphasized that the left-arm’s continued presence would have been highly beneficial for both player and team.

Despite the criticism, Sarfaraz expressed hope that Amir’s presence would benefit the Pakistan team moving forward.

“Look, I advised Amir at that time too that we should not leave our field,” he said.

“Obviously, he must have his set of reservations due to which he might have thought he should not play anymore.

“But, wherever he played cricket, he played it really well. So, I think he wasted these two to three years [of his career].

“Had he played for Pakistan, it would have been fruitful both for him and Pakistan but again better late than never.

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