Bill seeks formation of national minority commission

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April 02, 2024


MNA Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, on Monday introduced a bill aimed at establishing the National Commission for Minorities in the National Assembly.

The proposed bill, as outlined in the documentation submitted to the National Assembly Secretariat, envisions the National Minority Commission comprising thirty members representing diverse religious backgrounds, with the commission’s leadership designated to hail from the non-Muslim minority community.

Speaking to reporters outside the Parliament House, Dr. Ramesh Kumar emphasised that the primary objective behind the establishment of the National Minority Commission is to safeguard the rights of minority communities in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Constitution of Pakistan.

The headquarters of the commission is slated to be situated in Islamabad, with provisions for additional offices to be established across the country as per necessity.

The selection process for the commission’s head will be overseen by a panel chaired by a retired Supreme Court judge appointed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, ensuring thorough scrutiny through regular interviews.

Dr. Ramesh Vankwani’s relentless endeavors bore fruit previously when the National Assembly endorsed the bill during the prior regime. However, the bill faced a roadblock in the Senate due to the conclusion of the National Assembly’s term.Commenting on the matter, Dr. Ramesh Kumar expressed his determination to reinvigorate the campaign for minority rights protection by resubmitting the bill, marking a renewed effort in this regard.

The genesis of this initiative traces back to a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court on June 19, 2014, wherein the government was urged to establish a commission dedicated to addressing minority concerns, setting the stage for this crucial legislative endeavour.

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