Boy throws scissors at sister, causes serious head injury

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March 26, 2024

A little boy, while imitating a TV character, accidentally stabbed his sister in the head with scissors, causing her severe injuries.

The incident occurred in Thailand, where a four-year-old boy was imitating a TV actor at home. During this time, when his 10-year-old sister, Nonong, refused to play further, the boy threw scissors towards her, which pierced straight into her head.

The scissors penetrated into her sister’s head and went in about an inch. Their 50-year-old grandfather, Jarun Roiram, who was looking after them, had stepped out leaving the siblings alone when the incident took place.

The grandfather explained that he had told his grandson to stay away from his work area because he works with metal and there could be sharp metal pieces around. However, shortly afterward, he heard screams.

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Jarun further explained that when he went to check, he found scissors embedded in her head. He tried to remove the scissors himself, but they were firmly lodged in the girl’s skull.

The girl was immediately rushed to the hospital where doctors successfully removed the scissors. Local media reported that the girl remained in the hospital for two days.

A relative, Pimyada, informed the media that the girl’s brother had been imitating a character from a TV drama, and when she refused to play along, he threw scissors at her, injuring her.

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