A boy tried to commit suicide after his parents “insult” him

A 15-year-old boy allegedly tried to commit suicide over his parents’ light-hearted remark that they found him in the trash, offended him.

The Gulf teenager made a desperate call to police and said that he was standing on a building and would leap to his death because his parents repeatedly insulted him.

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Dr. Major Mohammed Ali Obaid, call center director, command, and control department, Dubai Police, said, “The boy’s parents used to tell him that they were not his biological parents and he was found next to a trash container when he was an infant.”

After police received the boy’s call, a security patrol team was immediately dispatched to the boy’s house in Abu Hail area, while a lady staff member at the call center, Mariam Al Marzouqi, tried to pacify the boy over the phone.

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