British City Center: Police stops a man in burqa

DUBAI: A one-man campaign against the burqa being worn in the UK backfired when armed police stopped him after he was spotted dressing into Arab women’s clothing and entered a city center shop.

Thomas Dunn was in Exeter city center, southwest England on Sunday when he was spotted changing into a burqa in the high street and pretending to pray in a loud voice, he then entered Debenhams according to the local website

It was when the 57-year-old gas engineer left the store and took off the clothing that police stopped and searched Dunn under Section 43 of the Terrorism Act.

He said he was targeting the department store because it had started selling Muslim clothing.

Speaking to the website he later explained that this was not the first time he had dressed in a burqa as part of his campaign.

“I have always been a little intimidated by people wearing burqas and since all the terrorist attacks I think the government should ban anyone from covering their faces as on CCTV it won’t pick up who they are,” Dunn explained.

“If you see someone wearing a burqa you immediately think terrorist. It should be stopped. I have nothing against Muslim people and I’m not racist in any way, but I don’t agree with people covering their faces.”

He said that while wearing the burqa he could sense that “you really can see that the way people look at you changes. You see that initial fear in their eyes.”

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