Chief justice LHC Positive historical Steps for Public interest

Problem is not poverty or illiteracy rather rule of law and more than that it is the leading with example, it is not easy to build one’s character, you have to put bead by bead. One cannot get the truth in front of him his own way of thinking and complex can become a hurdle, rule of law gives birth to such atmosphere where crime cannot grow, not only punishment but also a sense of disrespect can eradicate crimes, when grip of law loses in societies then criminals become fearless.

There is a saying that justice delayed is justice denied, it has been the biggest dilemma in the judicial system of Pakistan that justice has often been delayed due to several reasons, case which starts from one generation ends up after 2 generations however credit goes to the current Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah for ensuring the provision of justice on time with every possible resource.

He ensured the process of justice by eliminating the habit of bribery, unnecessary strikes of lawyers, delaying the hearings of cases using excuses and by fulfilling the resources of the judiciary so that swift and cheap (cost efficient) justice can be served to people.

Syed Mansoor Ali Shah’s one big achievement is establishing arbitrary courts, recently in the arbitrary court of Lodhran cases which was under hearing for the last 44 years was resolved by the arbitration between two parties.

A resident of Jumrani Wah Tehsil Kehror Pakka, Lodhran, the dispute between Ismail and Abdul Aziz over 26 Kanal of land was in court for the last 44 years (from 1973), the case was brought back to Civil Court after being heard in Supreme Court, High Court, Session Court and Civil Court.

District and Session Judge Lodhran Malik Munir Ahmad Joyia judging the type of the case sent it to Arbitration Center’s judge Syed Ali Waqas Bukhari, where in-charge Arbitration center Syed Ali Waqas Bukhari arbitrate the case between both parties and case which was in court for 44 years was resolved.

Muhammad Ismail, Abdul Aziz and Muhammad Akram thanked Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mansoor Ali Shah, District and Session Judge Malik Munir Ahmad Joyia and Arbitration judge Syed Ali Waqas Bukhari and told the Nation that their case of inheritance was 44 years old which was registered by their grandfather and due to this disputes between their families was going on from generation to generation, then this case was returned to session court by Supreme Court after remand while their lawyers said that decision should be made through law where Arbitration Center’s Incharge Syed Ali Waqas Bukhari after a lot of efforts arbitrate the matter between both parties on which they are very happy.

They further said that due to this their three generations have been destroyed neither they can move ahead in education nor they could introduce their children to the advances of the 21st century.

They demanded from Chief Justice Lahore High Court to establish this arbitration center on tehsil level so that people would not have to face any difficulty in the provision of justice so that arbitration could be done between the parties and future generations could live with peace and love.

It has been 70 years since the creation of Pakistan, Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah are an angel from Almighty to those who could not get justice due to lack of resources and poverty, in the judicial history of Punjab Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah will be remembered in golden words for his professional services. Vision through which Syed Mansoor Ali Shah introduced arbitration courts and then ensured its implementation like of which are not found in the history. It is evident that after fighting a case for 44 years and destroying three generations arbitrary court resolved their issue. Arbitrating between two parties is a sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) then in this way Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah is observing the sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and earning rewards from Almighty. Especially in southern Punjab’s districts which are still shadowed by illiteracy arbitration court can become a ray of light and work on the policy of providing swift and cheap justice to the people through District Courts.

District and Session Judge deployed in Lodhran took a special interest in this case and saved the family from further destruction while Lodhran’s local politician and landlords could not resolve this matter in 44 years.

District Lodhran’s Civil Society which includes Dr. Ashraf, Hakeem Muhammad Asif, Dr. Syed Muhammad Jaffar Raza, Dr. Sameena Matloob, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Araeen, Muhammad Tufail and others thanked Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah and expressed satisfaction over the resolution of 44 year old case through arbitration court and hoped that their coming generations would be kept away from courts and Police Stations and play a positive role in Pakistan’s development rather put Pakistan among the Developed countries.

People of District Lodhran have understood this that judicial system has been changed now, justice which would come in months and years is now being served in minutes and hours, under the supervision of Syed Mansoor Ali Shah like honest, qualified and dutiful Chief Justice courts in Punjab are serving swift and cheap justice. When Chief Justice visited Lodhran and addressed in Bar Room at that day people from all around in large numbers came and in the bar room there were more citizens and members of Civil Society then lawyers which tell that they are fed up of old judicial system and people are satisfied with the new system of arbitration court and model court.

People of Lodhran especially members of the family whose 44-year-old case was resolved prays for the Chief Justice Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah, District and Session Judge Lodhran Malik Munir Ahmad Joyia and Incharge Arbitration Court Syed Ali Waqas Bukhari.

Civil Society requested from Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar to establish arbitration courts throughout Pakistan so that people from all the provinces can get swift and cheap justice.

In 12 years of Umar Bin Al Khitab’s gold time, 5 years were of famine, how many incidents of Looting surfaced? A little girl was walking by on which Ameer ul Momineen inquired “Who is she?” people who were listening to him astonished and said she is your grand daughter Ameer ul Momineen. Lack of food had changed her face.

Problem is not poverty or illiteracy rather rule of law and more than that it is the leading with example, it is not easy to build one’s character, you have to put bead by bead.

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