Chinese newspaper published a page of “common sense” on how to survive a nuclear attack

BEIJING: The official state-run newspaper in northeastern China’s Jilin city, near the border with North Korea, on Wednesday published a page of “common sense” advice on how readers can protect themselves from a nuclear weapons attack or explosion, reported Reuters.

China has voiced grave concern over North Korea’s nuclear and missiles programme, as well as calling on the United States and South Korea to stop provoking Pyongyang.

U.S. bombers will fly over the Korean peninsula on Wednesday as part of large-scale joint military drills with South Korea. The North has warned the drills would push the Korean Peninsula to the “brink of war”.

The full page article in the Jilin Daily, which does not mention possible attacks by North Korea or any other country, explains how nuclear weapons differ from traditional arms and instructs people how to protect themselves in the event of an attack.

Nuclear weapons have five means of causing destruction: light radiation, blast waves, early-stage nuclear radiation, nuclear electromagnetic pulses and radioactive pollution, the article explained. It said the first four kill instantly.

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