Col (retd) Abdul Jabbar becomes 4th Pakistani to scale Mount Everest

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army’s retired colonel Abdul Jabbar, hailing from Punjab province, has become the fourth Pakistani climber to scale the Mount Everest successfully.

Colonel Abdul Jabbar is the first Pakistani from Punjab to achieve this milestone on Sunday.

The other three Pakistanis whole scaled the Mount Everest before ex-Army officer belong to Gilgit-Baltistan. They include Nazir Sabir, Hassan Sadpara and Samina Baig.

Nazir Sabir climbed Mount Everest in 2000, becoming the first Pakistani to do so. Hassan Sadapara who passed away in 2016 climbed the world’s highest peak 2011. Samina Baig the first Pakistani woman to climb the mountain did so in 2013.

Abdul Jabbar, earlier, had climbed several highest mountains in Pakistan.

The 8,848 metre (29,030 foot) mountain is the world’s highest mountain is located in Nepal.

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