Committee formed by SC to investigate bank accounts of Imran over Shahid Masood’s allegations

A two-member committee formed by the Supreme Court to probe into the claims of anchorperson Shahid Masood that arrested suspect in Zainab murder case was linked to an international child-porn ring, will start an investigation into the bank accounts of Imran Ali.

The latest development came days after the arrest of Mohammad Imran, 24, in connection with the rape and killing of 7-year-old Zainab Ansari in the city of Kasur.

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Anchorperson Shahid Masood had also informed the Supreme Court that arrested suspect in Zainab murder case was backed by a federal minister and a prominent personality after which the CJP formed a two-member committee which will present a final report on this matter within two days.

The TV anchor had alleged that Zainab’s suspected rapist and murderer was a member of a pornography gang, which also includes a Punjab minister.

Masood alleged before the judges that the suspect in custody for the murder of Zainab and other children is not mentally challenged or simpleminded, but rather a member of an international ring. He has 37 foreign currency bank accounts, and the backing of the most important personality and a minister, he claimed.

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