Most controversial India’s drama serial might go off air

Tejaswi Prakash starter Pehredaar Piya Ki has received a lot of negative attention ever since it first aired on TV. The show’s plot deals with a bizarre love story of a nine-year-old boy with an 18-year old girl. While there have been speculations about the show taking a leap or making the changes in its plot, the latest is that it might go off air soon, reported Times of India.

The controversial show wasn’t aired on Monday (August 28) night, and the reason is still not known. The cast, too, is not clear about why the episode wasn’t telecasted.

When the lead child actor Afaan’s father was contacted, he did not divulge any details and said, “I have no idea about the show going off air as I am in Delhi right now. I don’t know if Afaan is shooting for Pehredaar or not.”

Suyyash Rai, who was supposed to be seen post the leap on Pehredaar Piya Ki, hadn’t even begun shooting for his role. Talking to Times of India, Suyyash said, “I haven’t shot for the show in a few days. I heard about the news and called up my team who were as clueless as me. We haven’t been told anything as of now.”

A source also revealed that the team hasn’t shot since Monday.

Pehredaar Piya Ki has been receiving a lot of criticism since day one for showing honeymoon and first night scenes of an eighteen year old girl with a boy half her age. Viewers even signed an online petition to ban the show.

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