Coronavirus triggered ‘anti-tumour response’ in 61-year-old patient: Study

A new study revealed that a 61-year-old man, suffering from renal failure and progressive lymphadenopathy, contracted the coronavirus, and over the span of a few months it was observed that it had an anti-tumour response.

The study was carried out by the British Society for Haematology, and hypothesised that the coronavirus infection triggered an anti-tumour response in the patient, and subsequently led to an unprecedented disintegration of the tumour cells.

Prior to contracting the virus, the patient was suffering from end-stage renal failure, progressive lymphadenopathy and severe weight loss, and had already faced a failed renal transplant three years prior.

Shortly after his diagnosis, he was admitted to the hospital with breathlessness and wheezing, and was diagnosed with the coronavirus. After 11-days of medical care, he was discharged to recuperate at home, with no additional immuno-chemotherapy being administered.

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