Courage with resilience and adaptability

Are you brave enough to break the rules and set new possibilities? Yes, that’s called “courage” and adding extra ingredients to it like “resilience” and “adaptability” make it a success story. To make yourself elastic and adaptive with courage or bravery makes a path that leads to success.
Humans have the ability to recover readily from damage, illness, adversity, and depression, that’s amazing! isn’t it?

There were times when world known big giants like GoogleFacebookTwitterTesla, and the list goes on and on were facing not bad but worst times of their journey but their ability of resilience heals their pain, damages, adversities, and depression and their adaptive ability makes them better and better day by day. There was a huge struggle behind each of these courageous names.

Let me tell you about another big giant of that time named “NOKIA”, the name known to everyone. So what is the story behind this company? And how could a company so successful, so influential and so pioneering slips between the cracks which have big market shares at that time, they were speeding day and nights but somehow they lost their powers like “Resilience” and “Adaptability, they were behind new trends of that time, they were struggling to adapt change and we all know, the results. They were badly hit by adaptive and resilient ones. And then we have many stories all over internet name “Nokia rise and fall”, “Nokia downfall”, “Nokia failure reasons” and many similar titles.

 So above story tells us about many abilities to stick with in order to make a difference. We have to goodbye our fears and adapt the path of courage. Courageous people are more efficient to take decisions and risks in life, those who have fear to take risks in life are actually taking 50% risk to not take a risk because they are losing their chance of success by 50%. So, people, you need to take short steps with courage and God will definitely help you achieve your dreams. Be yourself always and apply above techniques going forward and InshAllah success will be yours.


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