Devdas 3D in the works

MUMBAI: The makers of Devdas are planning to release the film in 3D version on July 12 which is 15 years after the Shah Rukh Khan starrer was released in theatres.

According to an entertainment website, the director of the film Sanjay Leela Bhansali said that he wanted to make sure that every frame conveyed just the right proportions and dimensions when he was told of the project.

“I realised that much of my film was originally shot with a lot of depth in the frames. That, in fact, made Devdas an ideal candidate for the 3D format,” he said.

Sources said, “The global reach of the format is very strong, thanks to the Hollywood super-hero films that are mostly created in 3D. With Devdas, we hope to crack the international 3D market that Baahubali missed, as it was not made in the format.”

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