A doctor in UAE remove tennis ball-sized tumour from man’s brain

Sayed Khorshed Alam, a 50-year-old Bangladeshi man, was shattered when he was told he had a tennis ball-sized tumour in his brain. He came to Thumbay Hospital, Ajman on a wheelchair as he complained of weakness of the right lower limb followed by the right upper limb, which he had been experiencing since July 2017.

Examinations revealed that the weakness on his right leg was more than that of his hand. “He could not walk without support and his weakness increased gradually and that’s how Alam became wheelchair-bound, Dr Ishwar Chandra Premsagar, Consultant (Incharge) – Neurosurgery told Khaleej Times.

Alam got so nervous on learning about the tumour that he refused to get a brain surgery done and started making frantic calls to his folks in Bangladesh. “I then reassured him that I had done a number of such surgeries back in New Delhi and it was perfectly safe. I then told him that we will do the surgery while he is awake and that he stands a chance of standing on his feet in just a few days after the surgery. This is what convinced Alam and he agreed to get the surgery done.”

Little did Alam know that it would turn out to be a miraculous surgery and that he would start walking the very next day of the surgery!

Alam recently underwent a two-hour brain surgery and during the course of it spoke and sang with his doctors. Known as ‘awake brain surgery’ this procedure requires the patient to be awake, alert and cooperative, while doctors ask questions and monitor the activity in the patient’s brain as he responds.

Contrast MRI of the patient’s brain revealed a large tumour on the left side, which controls the movement of the right side of the body, particularly the leg. The team led by Dr Premsagar decided to perform ‘awake brain surgery’. “The tumour was very close to the area controlling the movement of the body’s right side,” said Dr Premsagar.

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