Donating blood reduces the risk of cancer

(Web Desk) – Every year, thousands of patients across Pakistan lose their lives due to their failure to timely receive the adequate blood donation.

According to Dr Sarfraz Jaffery, Director Hussainy Blood bank, blood donations reduce during the month of Ramazan, but for someone with a loved one in need of blood, people do make their way to the blood bank.

According to Dr Jaffery, every person between the age of 18-60, who weighs more than 50 kg, and has 12 g hemoglobin can make a blood donation. He added, “In our body, there is an average of 13 bottles of blood. Donating one bottle of blood does not make much of a difference.”

Thus, it is good for one s health to donate blood periodically.Moreover, children suffering from thalassaemia need blood donations every month as blood donations are a source of survival for these kids.

Donating blood can have numerous health benefits.

Reduced risk of cancer:

Donating blood maintains the iron level in the blood. A healthy iron level in the blood is linked to a reduced risk of cancer.

Healthy heart and liver:
Blood donation helps reduce the risk of heart and liver diseases by preventing an excess of iron in the blood. A normally functioning body can only store a certain amount of iron in the body while the excess iron is stored in the heart, liver and pancreas. This increases the risk of liver cirrhosis, pancreatic damage, and heart ailments like irregular heart rhythms. Donating blood helps in maintaining iron levels in the body and reduces the risk of ailments relating to liver and heart.

Weight reduction:
A person who donates blood regularly can reduce their weight. Donating blood burns calories, approximately 650 calories are burnt for every half a litre donation of blood. However, donating blood should not be seen as a weight loss technique and should not be done excessively.

New blood cells:
After a blood donation, the body works to replenish the lost blood. This leads to the production of new blood cells and facilitates the maintenance of good health.


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