Dr Jawad of ‘Saving Face’ fame launches foundation for acid attack victims

Dr Mohammad Jawad, known for being featured in Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Oscar-winning documentary Saving Face, launched his foundation for acid attack victims called R5 Foundation in Karachi yesterday.

Speaking to Images at the launch event at Cafe Aylanto, the surgeon said, “The R5 Foundation will combine two things: one is anti-ageing where we’ll look at age-related problems like joint issues, etc, and the second is the treatment of acid burn victims, that is, interventions to repair and restore their skin and help them integrate back in society.”

He explained, “This foundation is part of a long-term process that has been going on for many years and I’m so happy we finally launched it in Karachi and we’re taking our efforts to a much larger level.”

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