Drinking too much water can be dangerous for your health: Indian doctor

LUCKNOW: Drinking an excess amount of water could prove to be detrimental for the health, according to Dr Parmeshwar Arora, a senior consultant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Speaking at a press conference, he stressed that water should be consumed in the right amount to be beneficial. While most studies advise maximum intake of water for a healthy lifestyle, Dr Arora points towards the ancient Ayurvedic texts, which suggest having water in controlled quantities.

“For all the problems related to digestion such as constipation, acidity, and flatulence, our sluggish digestion power is to blame. Even the modern science says that for all these conditions, the reason is decreased secretion of digestive enzymes,” he said.

Drinking more than the required amount of water could complicate or result in indigestion, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney ailments. According to Dr Arora, digestion-related issues could be cured by improving one’s Jatharagni, or digestive fire. Since water is the opposite of fire, it can make the ailments chronic rather than eradicate them.

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