Dubai Police have arrested a 40-member gang over phone scam

The Dubai Police have busted a 40-member gang who called people over their phones, posing as employees of a telecommunication company, telling them that they have won prizes to the tune of Dh200,000 and convinced them to transfer Dh2,000 via a money exchange to get the award.

The cops arrested the conmen who ran the thriving racket after renting two flats in Farreej Al Murar area in Dubai.

Colonel Omer bin Hamad, deputy director of an anti-economic crime of the Dubai Police, said that the police received tip-off that a large number of Asians were visiting two flats at a scheduled time.

The police monitored the flats for a few days and found that a group of men frequented the flat from 9am to 12noon and from 3pm to 6pm. After getting legal permission from the Dubai public prosecution, the Dubai Police swooped down on the flats.

The cops found that the suspects called people randomly, posing as employees from a well-known telecommunication company, and told the person on the other end that he/she has won a prize of Dh200,000. They persuaded the ‘winner’ to deposit Dh2,000 via money exchange office in Dubai.

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