Dubai Police detained an auditor for allegedly demanding Dh50,000 bribe

An auditor has been charged in court after he allegedly sought Dh50,000 bribe for his services from a plaintiff.

According to public prosecution records, the 73-year-old Jordanian auditor, who works for an accredited legal auditing office, claimed to the plaintiff, an Indian, in the commercial case that the expertise report would cost Dh50,000 to be written in his favor and later be presented to the court.

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The defendant also allegedly told the plaintiff that in case the amount was not paid, he would draw up an auditing report that would not be in his favor. This prompted the plaintiff to report the auditor to the police.

The police officers instructed him to make the auditor believe he was on his offer and to get him to reduce the amount to Dh40,000 which should be paid when receiving a copy of the report.

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