Election Commission prohibits Shahbaz Sharif to take part in his own election campaign

ISLAMABAD: A code of conduct issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has barred Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif from taking part in his own poll campaign for a by-election to NA-120.

The National Assembly seat in Lahore fell vacant upon the disqualification of prime minister Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court last week.

The polling has been scheduled for Sept 17.

“After the issuance of schedule of by-election, the president, prime minister, chairman and deputy chairman senate, speakers of assemblies, federal ministers, ministers of slate, governor, chief minister, provincial ministers and advisers to the prime minister and the chief minister, members of the national and provincial assemblies and other public office-holders will neither visit the area of any constituency nor shall openly or in secret give any subscription or donation or make promise for giving such subscription or donation to any institution of a constituency, nor shall inaugurate, commit to undertake or announce any development project therein for the advancement of the campaign of a candidate of his choice and thereby influence the results of election,” reads the code of conduct issued for the crucial electoral battle in the provincial capital.

According to the code of conduct, all these public office-holders, including the Punjab chief minister who is a potential candidate for the by-election to NA-120, have been restrained from visiting the constituency or a polling station after the issuance of the poll schedule.

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