Election Commission to announce final results of elections today

ISLAMABAD (PAK TIMES): The notification on candidates who won the general seats of National Assembly and Provincial Assembly in the general elections 2018 will be issued today by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Earlier, the winning candidates of general elections had submitted the detail of their expenses during the election campaign to the election commission from all the constituencies.

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As per the election commission’s statement, it has received expenses detail of 269 candidates of National Assembly, 129 candidates of Sindh Assembly, 49 candidates of Balochistan Assembly, 295 candidates of Punjab Assembly, and 97 candidates of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly.

The election commission has also announced to publish the details on the election body’s website. After receiving the expenses details of the winning candidates, the election commission has started working on issuing a notification declaring the winning candidates, except in those constituencies which have been challenged in the courts or in the recounting process.

The election commission has bounded all the winning candidates to submit the expenses detail to the ECP within days of the general elections held on 25 July. On the other hand, the non-successful candidates were asked to submit the detail within 30-days of the general polls.

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