Establishment of ISIS has been ceased by Mastung operation in Balochistan: ISPR

RAWALPINDI (Web Desk) – Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Thursday has issued complete details of Mastung operation that killed 10 to 15 terrorists on June 4.

According to the press release, the successful operation by security forces in Mastung denied establishment of any direct / indirect ISIS organized infrastructure in Balochistan/ Pakistan.

Based on actionable intelligence, security forces conducted an operation in Mastung from June 1 to June 3. There were reports of 10-15 terrorists of a banned outfit Lashrake-Jhangivi Al-Almi (LeJA) hiding in caves near Isplingi ( Koh-i-Siah/Koh-i- Maran) 36 Kilometer South East of Mastung.

The said organization was reportedly making efforts for communication with ISIS (Daish) and intended to facilitate establishment of ISIS foothold in Balochistan.

Operation for physical clearance of target area, spread over 10 Kilometers, started early morning 1st June by landing of heliborne force. Operation continued for three days. Terrorists who were hiding in caves offered stiff resistance. 250 Meter long gorge with steep heights and multiple caves made the clearance operation difficult and challenging. Intelligence and security forces fought valiantly to clear the hideout by 3rd June.

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