Fabricating your resume can get you jailed in UAE

Several job seekers fabricate their CVs to grab a golden work opportunity, oblivious of the fact that this can land them in jail in the UAE. While applying to a prospective job offer in the UAE, submitting Curriculum Vitae or CV is obligatory and some aspiring employees modify their academic qualification or add years to their career experience.

However, under UAE law, job seekers are penalized, slapped with a hefty fine, and sentenced three years in jail and/or deportation if are caught providing fake information in their CVs.

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Besides, expats in the UAE should also not engage in faking documents, contracts, agreements, cheques, official financial statements, education certificates and their validation stamps, passports, currencies, credit cards and company logos.

The penalty for forging and using forged documents could be from one month to three years if it is a non-official document and could reach up to five years if the forged document is official, according to Filipino Times report.

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