Fake female pir killed her elder son in Sheikhupura

SHEIKHUPURA: A merciless fake woman Pir on Wednesday has killed her elder son Zeeshan in Sheikhupura.

A resident of Ferozwala Tanvir Fatima, has tied her elder son with ropes and beat him up with sticks with the assistance of her younger son Rizwan.

After the incident reported to the Police, police officers arrived at the scene and detained both suspects on spot.

During the investigation, the woman said that in her dream, an elderly man asked her to sacrifice her son elder son. She said that in order to complete the promise which she made with the elder man in her dream, she killed her elder son.

The police officers said that earlier, Tanvir Fatima alleged a resident of dacoity and killing her son, however, she had also killed her husband six years ago.

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