Fariha Pervez and Asteria Illuminate Times Square, NYC’s Digital Billboard

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November 03, 2023
Fariha Pervez

Fariha Pervez and Asteria Illuminate Times Square, NYC’s Digital Billboard

Both are Spotify’s program EQUAL Pakistan ambassadors for September and October 2023

From Fariha’s nostalgic vibes of “Patang Baaz Sajna” that became synonymous with the celebrations of Basant to the modern fusions introduced by Asteria, two more artists join the ever-growing program of EQUAL Pakistan

Karachi, November 03, 2023 – EQUAL Pakistan, a Spotify program dedicated to empowering female artists, has highlighted its ambassadors for September and October 2023 in a towering fashion. With Fariha Pervez, the famed “Patang Baaz Sajna” singer lighting up a digital billboard on Times Square, NYC for September followed by Asteria, a captivating figure in Pakistan’s music scene, the program has continued a legacy of highlighting female musicians who have and are continuing to make an impact on the local music scene.

Asteria, the pop musician renowned for her captivating blend of pop and indie pop, was the latest EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador with her track “Nishaan” being featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist. Her emotionally charged lyrics and distinctive sound have earned her a dedicated fan following. Asteria’s catalog is filled with mesmerizing tracks, including hits like “1:45,” “Monaco,” “The Palms,” and “Dawn.” Each song showcases their versatility and originality within the pop genre.


Expressing her excitement, Asteria stated: “Being Spotify’s EQUAL Ambassador for Pakistan for October 2023 is genuinely an honour for me. As a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who has been releasing songs as Asteria for over 2 years now, being recognised for my craft like this is an amazing moment for me. This is important to me personally as well because growing up, I barely saw women – people like me – making the music I listen to. I rarely saw female guitarists, instrumentalists, producers, or even just songwriters making music in the genres I loved listening to – rock, indie, and alternative, namely. I’m super grateful to Spotify. Their initiatives to promote female artists across the region is definitely important; they are creating opportunities for women to be elevated and celebrated for their hard work and art.”

Fariha Pervez is a name that needs no introduction. The iconic Pakistani pop singer-songwriter is known for her timeless music and unwavering dedication to her craft and has captured the hearts of audiences throughout her illustrious career. Her musical journey began in the mid-90s, and her debut album, “Nice & Naughty,” marked the inception of her successful voyage. As part of the celebrations, her track “Silsilay Tor Gaya” was also featured on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist in September.

“I feel honoured to be the ambassador for the month of September for Spotify EQUAL Pakistan,” said Fariha Pervez while expressing what this opportunity means to her and the artist fraternity. “I personally feel this is important. Women need more representation in our society and we need more platforms like Spotify which can help raise our voice not only in Pakistan but globally. We need to empower not individually but collectively, and Spotify giving this space helps many women around Pakistan to express themselves freely without any restrictions or limitations. I only hope that more such platforms are given to the many women out there across Pakistan. I am immensely happy to represent women, women from my country,” she added further.

EQUAL Pakistan continues to shine a spotlight on exceptional female artists, ensuring their voices are heard and celebrated on a global platform.

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