Fire your “Failed Media Team” Tehmina Durrani tells Nawaz Sharif

The wife of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, Tehmina Durrani, once again hit at the PML-N’s decision to stage GT Road ‘homecoming rally’ by suggesting Nawaz Sharif to fire his ‘failed’ media team.

In a tweet directed at the media team, she said, “#Mns (Mian Nawaz Sharif) sb plz fire ur  failed media team. Banish all psychophants frm sight! THEY r responsibl 4 ur Statesmanship becoming an  under 19  game.”

She also slammed his ‘mediocre’ advisors for recommending such a strategy, pointing out that he neglected his senior and sincere colleagues. “MNS sb u  heard  th most mediocre advisors a leader cld hv chosen, whil rejecting ur most sincere, politicaly experiencd & astute colleagues,” she tweeted.

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