Foolproof security should be provided to worship places, Churches: IG Punjab

LAHORE: Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab, Capt. (R) Arif Nawaz Khan Monday said that foolproof security should be provided to worship places, Churches, important markets, parks and other recreational sites in all districts of the province by exploiting all available resources.

Addressing a meeting at CPO Office here on Monday, he directed that sensitive and A category churches should be guarded by CTD and other law enforcement institutions and intelligence based search and combing operations be started in the vicinity of these sensitive places.

The IGP said that lives and properties of citizens should be protected at any cost. He directed all DPOs to make an audit of on-duty security personnel over these worship places before the arrival of Christmas.

He said that the entrance and exit ways of Churches should be equipped with closed-circuit cameras, metal detectors and walk through gates.

Furthermore, snipers should be deployed over tops of important churches and plainly clothed commandos of Police should be deployed inside the churches and no one should be allowed to enter the church without proper search.

In the session, the last day church blast at Quetta and security plan of churches came under observation.

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