Funny Reactions of People after Whatspp new Update

As we all know that Whatsapp has recently released a new update which contains status update feature. Most of the people liked that feature and start using on daily or better to say hourly basis.

No doubt this feature is very impressive but only for those who didn’t use Snapchat before. Most of the people are using this feature and started sharing their stories with friends. But, there is huge number of people who actually dislike this feature. Because they’ve used Snapchat before and according to them WhatsApp has copied this feature. We are going to share some tweets with you to let you guys know what people are actually saying about this feature.

The Most amazing tweet I’ve ever seen:

Think about the solution of what you are complaining for.

Now when I want to open my WhatsApp call list it shows me my shoes. WHY ?


You’ve said enough for today.

You got a point man.