‘Generous’ host locks up guests to finish food

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March 26, 2024

Guests in Saudi Arabia were faced with a dilemma after their host locked them up to show his “generosity” at a dinner.

Video footage, shot by one of the guests, showed several people approaching the exit door of the house in an attempt to leave the place.

However, the host had them locked up from the outside as he did not want to leave any food leftovers from the feast.

“He is giving us a tough time! He has closed the door and told us to leave nothing in plates!” read a caption attached to the video.

While some of the guests were seen negotiating with the host to let them leave the house, others chose to finish the food they were served by their Saudi host.

The place and time of the incident have been determined, however, it brought smiles to the faces of the social media users.

Reports have said that food worth an estimated SR40 billion is wasted in Saudi Arabia. Several campaigns have been launched in the kingdom to raise awareness about the issue and to curb food waste.


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